Staging Services

We take the heartbeat of the property and accentuate it. We would love to be a part of your team, as we provide a win-win service of home staging for your real estate clients.



Open, but conversational room layouts, that won't crowd or interrupt tours.



Cohesive colors, styles, and shapes will lighten and lift the home's presentation.



We have hundreds of decorative items that make the house feel like home to potential buyers. 



One of the best ways to spruce and spice is with color. We make every room memorable.

If you are still not quite sold on home staging, here are some pros and cons!

All Done!
9 Reasons to Stage a Property

  • House can bear by a higher asking price
  • Showcases unique elements of the home
  • Less money is negotiated after the initial offers
  • Clients feel more trust in the negotiations
  • Receive more offers and higher offers
  • Eliminates doubt in the buyer

Avoid These Common Pitfalls

  • Buyers ask for more money to replace and repair home features
  • Sensory smells and visual clutter creates consumer doubts
  • When a house appears to be neglected on the surface, they assume the worst about the home's infastructure
  • Sellers' attachment to their belongings and space crowd out new possibilities for buyers
  • Showcases unique elements of the home.

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