A story of our first overhaul

The Beautiful Rebirth

Bits and pieces of the house were strewn everywhere and people were beginning to wonder why we had used all of our extra pennies and good credit to buy the junky old house. It had a good view, but that was about it. This was its third remodel since the original foundation was set in 1948.

Doubt never occurred to us. We had it all visualized; but it wasn’t only something we saw, we felt it too. There were so many aspects of the house to learn, plumbing, wall construction, layout, and floor plans! We wanted to know what it took to revive an entire property.


As we finished gutting, rebuilding, and designing the home, we discovered that our intuitive sense of color and style, with our innate ability to put things in the right places was what really transformed the junk-yard with a view, valued at $174,000, into a home that appraised for $280,000 and had a happy new owner within just a few short weeks of being listed.


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