Opportunity Knocks

An exciting opportunity for a high-end interior decorating project was offered to Chattel after successfully helping real estate investor Mitch A. Nelson stage his investment properties in the Salt Lake Valley. “After experiencing the great work, staging my real estate projects, I had to ask Saxony if she would design my new place for me.”
“Staging is important. I didn’t do it with my first few flips, and they had a hard time selling,” said Mitch. “I hired a previous company, and we had a few improvements, but not the feedback we were looking for. Then we were introduced to Saxony and Chattel. She does an awesome job, and I have no plans to change,” said Mitch.


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Real Estate Moguls Inspire Showpiece

According to Saxony, the clients, Mitch Nelson and his business partner, Josh White are absolutely the best to work with! They are the “movers and shakers” in the world of real estate investing. She wanted this penthouse apartment to showcase their professionalism with attention to detail, and provide an edgy, yet classy style. Both clients had a clear vision of the look they wanted for their new place; turn of the 20th century, industrial with a modern, urban twist. “The best thing about the project is that we explained what we needed and she delivered. She nailed it! I would hire her again, and refer her to anyone.” says Josh, former Ferrari race car driver and real estate investor. In fact, that passion for racing shows up in the finished product! You can see the vibrant red Ferrari color, and minimal, clean edges throughout the space.

Not Just Smoke and Mirrors

Mitch shares, “My favorite part of the house comes from a piece I had mentioned, an oryx skull, that I had wanted for years.” During the original consultation, he explained, “It would be so cool to find an oryx skull that we could use!” Saxony researched it and found it. Now the North African Antelope cranium shines as a focal point in the apartment, and lead into the perfect segue as she had fun pushing the owners just a little with skulls and smoke.
Saxony said, “My favorite part was working with the clients. They trusted me; they gave me the freedom to do as I pleased. (They even allowed me to incorporate gold. Gold is fabulous, and I knew it would add sophistication and a touch of glam to this masculine design!) When everything came in, and they had a chance to see everything, it felt like Christmas morning. It was great seeing them so excited.” Chattel’s founder, Saxony Record, left a bold impression on the pair. “We had to be on our toes because now we worked for her,” laughed Josh, “She does it right now, and gets it done. I enjoyed paying her!” What better testimonial can you receive as a company than this? When given a chance to offer other homeowners advice, Josh replied, “What you want is out there, if you hire the right decorator- they will find it!” Of his place, he says, “I love walking into the apartment, it is better than what I envisioned. This is really, really cool.”

Designer Inspired Tips

For those homeowners who are imagining the next space overhaul, enjoy these four inspirational tips from Chattel’s creative founder:
1. Be brave in your choices.
2. Find things that speak to you that you love and build around that.
3. Focus on a variety of textures in your elements.
4. Trust your designer. They see the finished product already, be willing to be brave. It’s going to be fabulous!
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  1. Rochelle Owens on October 12, 2017 at 11:34 pm

    Beautiful Saxony! 💜

  2. Samantha on March 23, 2018 at 3:45 am

    Such stunning work and I love the three generations involved! You ladies are amazing at what you do!

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